tireG-Brock's Auto Repair is proud to be part of the Continental/General Tire Program. This allows us to offer road hazard warranties on select tires giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected. Our tires are reasonably priced and we are very competitive with all of the major “big box” tire facilities.


You can Contact Us to purchase tires or use our Tire Buyer link to browse, purchase, and ship the tires you want directly to G-Brock's Auto Repair. Once they arrive we will install them right away.


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When we mount and balance tires we will check the interior condition of the wheel, remove any corrosion on the bead of aluminum wheels, replace regular valve stems, inspect/service TPMS stems, and apply bead sealer to ensure a proper seal with no leaks.


Tire Pressure:

This is the most important and easiest aspect of proper tire maintenance to monitor. Proper tire inflation can directly affect fuel mileage and tire wear. The appropriate tire pressure can be found on the driver's door jamb. We will check your tire pressures with every oil change. We also check your tire pressures free of charge, any time, upon request.


Tire Rotations:

Tire rotations are essential to prolonging the life of your tires. It helps prolong tread life with proper weight distribution. Removing the wheels regularly will prevent them from seizing on to the vehicle so if you ever to have a roadside emergency you'll be able to comfortably remove the wheel. Also, it gives our trained technicians an opportunity to monitor the condition of your tires, steering and suspension components, alignment, and brakes to make sure you are as safe as possible on the road. Without regular tire rotations the tire manufacturer will not honor their advertised tread life warranty.


Wheel Balancing:

When a wheel rotates, asymmetries of mass cause it to hop or wobble, which can cause a vibration while driving and make your tires wear unevenly. Wheel balancing adds weight to specific points on the wheels to assure they ride in perfect symmetry, no vibration, no uneven tread wear. We balance every wheel during the mount and balance process. We also will balance the wheels for proper maintenance throughout the life of your tires.



Making sure your steering and suspension components are in proper working condition will have a major affect on your tires. If your shocks/struts are weak they won't hold the tire firmly to the road and cause them to bounce excessively thus causing uneven tread wear. If you have steering components that are loose, bent, or broken the wheels won't ride straight down the road and cause excessive/uneven wear to the tires. During tire rotations we check these components to ensure your safety and to help your tires last as long as possible.


Tire Repair:

G-Brock's Auto Repair uses a patch plug tire repair system. We remove the tire from the wheel and install a patch plug which will seal from the inside and through the hole caused be whatever debris came through your tire. These patch plugs will last as long as your tire does. If the hole is in the sidewall or toward the outside edge of the outermost tread, then the tire is not repairable and would have to be replaced. Repairing a tire that is damaged on the sidewall or the outermost tread can cause blowouts and leave you stranded.



Below are examples of tires we provide for our customers. If you don't see your brand of tire listed below, please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.






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Get these items taken care of at least a week and a half prior to the emissions test. Your computer needs time to reset itself after the repair has been done.


We are a Vehicle Inspection Program authorized repair facility. See us before your emissions test.


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